Eurovision 2017

#PORTUGAL: Live blog of Festival da Canção 2017 First Semi Final – JOIN US from 22:05 CET

festival-cancaoTonight starts the first Semi-Final of Festival da Canção 2017 – the show that selects Portugal’s representative at Eurovision Song Contest.

The show is organized by  Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP) and can be watched live here.

I’m Bogdan your host tonight here at Eurovision Ireland and I’ll keep you company on this first Semi-Final from Portugal.

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the views, comments and my random thoughts.  All on your own risk 🙂

In the first semi-final eight entries will participate, and of these eight, four will advance to the Final. The qualifiers will be determined by the televote and the votes of an expert jury appointed by RTP.

The contestants of tonight are:



“Agora” (Now)


Golden Slumbers

“Para perto” (Close up)


Fernando Daniel

“Poema a dois” (Poem for two)


Deolinda Kinzimba

“O que eu vi nos meus sonhos” (What I saw in my dreams)


Rui Drumond

“O teu melhor” (Your best)


Lisa Garden

“Without You”


Salvador Sobral

“Amar pelos dois” (To love two)


Viva La Diva

“Nova glória” (New Glory)


Boa noite Europa! Olá Austrália!

And hello from me! We’re going to see the live transmission from RTP’s studios in Lisbon!


The hosts from tonight  Sónia Araújo and José Carlos Malato promiss us a good show.

And we already have our first ad break 🙂

The contestants are presented now in a colourful slideshow. We’re promissed lots of musical styles and great talent.

We’re now presented the jury of the night in charge for 50% of the decision.

And now the first song of the night!

  1. Márcia – “Agora” (Now)

In a simple white dress, Márcia presents her song almost like poem in a very nostalgic way. Not bad, but a bit to forgettable.

2. Golden Slumbers – “Para perto” (Close up).

This song gives me an “Until Tomorrow” vibe that we heard last year in UK’s selection, but in a slower, more country version – if that’s possible 😛


The host just asked one member of the jury why Portugal has never won Eurovision so far. He replied that it might be due to political factors.

3. Fernando Daniel– “Poema a dois” (Poem for two).

The song started really promissing with that latino guitar that we all love, but then it transformed into a lament that does little for me.


The electric guitar at the end just made it worse. It wanted to be more that it was…

4. Deolinda Kinzimba – “O que eu vi nos meus sonhos” (What I saw in my dreams)

Deolinda sings a powerful ballad in the style of Beyonce. Like this one the best so far and I think it could do well at the main stage in Kyiv. She also has the likeability factor. Thumbs up from me!


We have a pick into the green room.


5. Rui Drumond – “O teu melhor” (Your best)

Portugal seems really melancholic tonight. Rui sings a love song and he seems to believe in what he sings. I can’t say it’s something special but I like it. Lacks a bit more power but I think it has chances to qualify tonight.


6. Lisa Garden – “Without You”

We have our first song in english from Portugal’s Selection this year. And it’s a dance track. Makes my feet tap along but nothing more than that. It lacks the power to be memmorable.


7. Salvador Sobral – “Amar pelos dois” (To love two)

Salvador sings a beautiful “classic” ballad. It could have been featured on an “oldies but goldies” movie. I will try to let it pass that his jacket is not ironed and say that he has great vocals and his song can make you either dream with eyes open or fall asleeep. I for one, like it!


8. Viva La Diva – “Nova glória” (New Glory)

As soon as the song started I thought I was at the opening of the Oscars.

One lady with a powerful voice and two tenors try to impress us with their singing.

The most part of the song I’ve enjoyed. But I think it is a bit too much. Having said that, I think this will qualify.



So the lines are open and now we’re treated with a recap of the eight songs performed tonight.

If it were in my power, the four qualifiers would be: Deolinda Kinzimba, Rui Drumond, Salvador Sobral and  Viva la Diva 🙂

A big thank you for all of you reading this live blog tonight.

And we’re back and live from the 51st edition of Festival da Canção!

From the green room we hear a happy birthday for Márcia. Could she receive  the qualification as a birthday gift? We’ll have to wait and see.


All the contestants in the green room seem nervous but they all smile at the camera. Hope the results will be soon.

Guess we’ll have to wait as now we have the interval act of the evening. A compilation of former Portuguese songs performed by local artists.


The nostalgic moment is now over, but the voting process not, so Portugal you still have a chance to vote for your favourite of the night.

I like that RTP took the time to speak with each contestant of the night, even though I would have preferred a shorter version 🙂

My Portuguese is not so good but I understood that Deolinda started out as a karaoke singer #TriviaFact 🙂

I was wrong. The nostalgic moment part #2 is on again!


Are you still awake? My local time is after 1 AM 🙂

We’re back from the ad break and we see another recap of the songs. I think (hope) is the final one 🙂

Portugal STOP voting now!

We’re going to hear the points from the jury now (from 3 to 12 points)

Salvador Sobral receives 12 points from the jury.


The jury+televote points:


So the first four qualifiers going to the final are: Viva la Diva, Salvador Sobral, Fernando Daniel and Deolinda Kinizimba!


Congratulations to all the acts that qualified and many thanks to you our readers.

Good night/ Boa noite!

Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: RTP, Eurovision Ireland

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