Kyiv to host Eurovision 2017


imageAfter weeks of meetings, discussions, false leeks, EBU visits and altered announcement dates it has finally been announced publicly that next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv.

The bidding phase had ended with Dnipro, Kyiv and Odessa being the last three cities in the running, formal bids were also received and considered from Kharkiv, Lviv and Kherson. In the end though the NTU, Ukraine Government and the EBU have decided that the 10,000 seater International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv is the best venue option for the contest.
Jon Ola Sand, EBU’s Executive Supervisor for the Eurovision Song Contest, commented:

“After a thorough selection process, we are very pleased to be announcing today that NTU will be working with Kyiv as host city for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. We would like to congratulate NTU on their extensive and careful assessments of each bid. Kyiv presented an excellent case and we are looking forward to working together to create the most electrifying show yet next May”.

Kyiv is no stranger to Eurovision having hosted the 2005 contest following Ruslana’s win the previous year with Wild Dances. Kyiv also hosted Junior Eurovison in 2009, both of these events took place at the Palace of Sports, but as the venue is already in use for the IIHF World Championship Division 1 ice hockey tournament, it is the turn of the International Exhibition Centre to play host to the Eurovision Song Contest. The dates have also been confirmed as the 9th & 11th May for the Semi Finals and the final being on Saturday 13th May.


Kyiv has a population of 3.3 million and is by far Ukraine’s largest city as well as the capital. Both Ukranian and Russian are widely spoken but as the language of ESC is predominantly English, I don’t think you’ll need to be swotting up on your Russian! Average temperatures in May in the city are around 16c/61f but a record high of 33c/92f has been recorded, May can also be quite rainy, so don’t forget your brolly!

A quick look at flight options shows that Ukraine International Airlines flies direct from London Gatwick to Kyiv with prices currently starting at around £140, Air Baltic, Lufthansa, Austrain Airlines and Baltic Air also have some good deals available at the moment. Accommodation prices look set to rise following this announcement so it’s probably best to start looking as soon as you can.


So there we have it, we are back to Kyiv! What do you think about this decision? Are you going to be travelling to Ukraine for the contest next year? Are you happy with Kyiv? Were you hoping for Odessa or one of the other cities? Let us know in the comments section here or across our social media platforms, we love to hear from you.

Author: Lisa-Jayne Lewis


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