Eurovision-By-Numbers: Nul Points

Eurovision By Numbers

Eurovision and Quizzes go hand in hand – or so it seems more and more these days, with the contest been mentioned in various television quiz shows and pub quizzes. For those of you travelling to Stockholm for Eurovision next month, it’s time to swat up on some fun facts as there is usually a quiz or two at the Eurovision Fan Café each year. However, if you’re not attending, it’s a great way to build up your knowledge.

Nul Points

In this edition, we are going to look at which nations have scored the most Nul Points in our favourite contest. Nul Points is likely to become a thing of the past with the new scoring system been introduced this year, so those that have achieved it in the past really do have a place in history. The countries with the most Nul Points will appear first, finishing with the least. Semi Finals since 2004 have been included, while the 1956 results have been excluded due to the results never been known.

Austria, Norway & Switzerland – 4 Times

Norway are renowned as the king of Nul Points, however Austria and Switzerland have been awarded the same title four times each. Last year, Austria became the first host nation to be awarded Nul Points when The Make Makes represented them.

Finland, Germany & Spain – 3 Times

All three of these countries achieved their Nul Points in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. They haven’t had the best of luck in terms of winning the contest neither. Spain and Germany have only won twice, while Finland have only taken victory once

Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal & Turkey – 2 Times

These countries have had little or even no success at the contest. In fact Portugal have never won and the best place they’ve achieved is sixth. Turkey is the only one of these countries to have won the contest in the last couple of decades – in 2003.

Czech Republic, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Monaco, Sweden, United Kingdom & Yugoslavia.- 1 Time

These eight countries have only suffered the humiliation of Nul Points once. The Czech Republic were awarded this in their semi final during the 2009 contest in Moscow. The United Kingdom achieved Nul Points in 2003 – something they never thought would ever happen. A lot of people put this down to the Iraq War – now politics are not meant to come into Eurovision now.

Do you have a favourite entry that has achieved Nul Points? Do you think we will ever see Nul Points ever again with the new voting system? Please leave a comment below.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland and John Kennedy O’Connor

Categories: Statistics

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