DENMARK: LIGHTHOUSE X will represent Denmark at Eurovision 2016 – How do you rate their chances?

Lighthouse 2


We have a winner of ‘Dansk Melodi Grand Prix’

If you were following our Live blog from tonight then you will see that we were in for a smorgasbord of music from The Forum in Horsens. Simone, Lighthouse X and Anja Nissen made it to the Final 3. After the Televote results came in for the Top 3 who made it through to the second round  it was decided that LIGHTHOUSE X with the song ‘SOLDIERS OF LOVE’ will represent Denmark at Eurovision in Stockholm.

Is this the year that Denmark wins the contest for a 4th time? Will Denmark win in Sweden for a 3rd time?  How do you rate the song? Let us know.

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Author Andrew Main

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. It’s not a bad little song now that I’ve listened to it all the way through. Fair enough the lead singer was completely tuneless at various points, but it has a nice melody and it might do better than people seem to think. It’s an average entry but it’s no more or less bland than Nicky Byrne’s song, so qualification might not be just a pipe dream for this one.

    Score: 6/10.

  2. I am actually FROM Denmark, but live in Ireland. After tonight, I am certain that Denmark will NOT win in Stockholm. Personally, my favorite from Day 1 was Anja Nissen. Her voice keep blowing my mind.

  3. Denmark’s run of winning in Sweden is at an end – at least the Danish fans won’t have to pay out for accommodation, as I don’t think that ‘Soldiers Of Love’ will make the Final…

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