Eurovision 2015

LITHUANIA : Watch Donny Montell’s Song For Eurovision 2016

Donny Montell

Donny Montell has dropped the 50 Shades of Grey blindfold that he donned at Eurovision 2012 and is back for Eurovision 2016 with the infectious ‘Waiting For This Night’.

Best way to describe this entry is a great Coldplay song (when Coldplay made monster hits). A rousing chorus that is screaming out for a huge stage performance this has 12 points drenched all over it. It has the necessary ‘Oh Oh Ohhhs’ that are popular in all languages and popular for all ages. This would sit well with Juries and the Public alike!

Donny has all grown up and looks the part of a Eurovision contender. ‘Love is Blind’ but that is because we’ve been ‘Waiting For This Night’ when Lithuania has a real contender for Eurovision.

Does this song float your boat? Does it tick all the boxes for a Eurovision entry? Is it a potential Eurovision Winner?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Donny Montell Facebook

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