Eurovision 2015

What does Portugal need for success at Eurovision – Nina Pinto looks at the options

Suzy from Portugal. Photo : RTP

Suzy from Portugal. Photo : RTP

RTP announced that it will not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and obviously fans are very disappointed.

There is however a promise to return in 2017 with a fully refurbished selection method. Fans expect that to happen.
There is no perfect format but it is not at all feasible to insist on a format that is not effective and has not brought good results …

RTP should rethink the selection method and follow another path. Yes Festival Da Canção is a classic but we must not forget that we elect our representatives in what is the biggest music contest in the world and we must face it as a competition where you enter to win. As in any competition there has to be considerable preparation and it should start working in May, shortly after the Eurovision Song Contest for the following year.

Choose other means of selection –  internal selection or a direct invitation to a singer and open competition for Portuguese and foreign composers. The singer could be announced in advance so the composers and authors would know what direction to take, what to write and write songs taking into account the singer’s profile.

The voting system should be 50% televoting and 50% by the jury composed of elements who know the current concept of Eurovision.

For decades, the Portuguese fans yearn for a victory in the Eurovision Song Contest and have not lost hope but are very aware that something has to change otherwise only a stroke of luck will bring victory to Portugal.

So with the loss of Portugal at Eurovision 2016 what do you think RTP needs to do to get to the Grand Final and secure their first win at the contest? Let us know.


Guest Author : Nina Pinto


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  1. How about some help from Brazil? There’s a LOT of acts there that should be included into the Portugese national selections.

  2. RTP should try the well proven Melodifestivalen route. 4 – 5 weeks of songs and choosing in January / February, then promote the song around Europe, then go for it in May.

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