#AskConchita – Eurovision Ireland wants your questions for Conchita when we meet in Malta

#ConchitaHeroes. Photo : Conchita Wurst Facebook

#ConchitaHeroes. Photo : Conchita Wurst Facebook

#AskConchita – We are #excited to announce that Eurovision Ireland will be meeting Eurovision Winner and our BFF Conchita Wurst when she lands in Malta to perform at the Maltese National Selection for Eurovision 2015 #MESC2015.

Conchita will be giving a press conference and only 2 private interviews when here – due to her busy schedule. Eurovision Ireland were (as always) honoured to be asked by Conchita and her team to video a private interview with our #Unstoppable Conchy.

#AskConchita : Photo - Eurovision Ireland

#AskConchita : Photo – Eurovision Ireland

As the interview will be short we decided that we wanted to take some suggestions of questions that we should ask Conchita in our interview. So we will select 3 QUESTIONS from her fans to ask Conchita that we receive on twitter.

So start your tweet with #AskConchita @EurovisionIrela – and we will pick 3 of our favourites or the most popular to ask Conchita on Saturday. Alternatively you can leave a comment on this article on the website but begin your comment with #AskConchita

We want to hear your questions on ‘Heroes’ – the amazing new song from Conchita and her plans for the future. Remember that ‘Heroes’ is available now to download on iTunes and the official video is released tomorrow! Stay tuned for that.

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You have 24 hours to Tweet your questions to #AskConchita @EurovisionIrela 

So make your questions quick and make them good

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. The video is indeed fab.
    The song, on the other hand, is not so fab.
    It’s weak in any way one can think of. Cliché words, weak voice, not so strong melody and a very uninspiring arrangement.

    Conchita has done exceptionally well in the last year. She was in top form. For me, this song is a miss.Unfortunately not everything she may do in the future will be good and a bit of critical eye and ear will do her good. Right now you are acting as blind fan who endorse everything she does.

    • Really Shai
      The lyrics are wonderful in the song and not obvious which always makes a song more interesting
      The video is certainly directed towards certain world leaders and not that many artists have the conviction to be so direct and risk a strong reaction in sales territories.
      I know I #FanGirl with Conchita but I am glad the follow up song is a well crafted song and did not pander to a cheesy dance track.
      Watch out for the album #JustSaying 🙂

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