Denmark Have Been Allocated Their Running Order in the Grand Final – Eurovision Déjà vu!

Eurovision Deja Vu. Photo : Wikipedia

Eurovision Deja Vu. Photo : Wikipedia

Denmark as the host nation had their place in the running order of the Eurovision Grand Final selected today at the Head of Delegation meeting.

Basim will perform his entry “Cliché love song” in the position of 23rd in the Grand Final.

Is this history repeating itself? 

The Evidence

Denmark won Eurovision in 2000 when the contest was held in Sweden. They did that again last year! Then when Denmark hosted the contest in 2001 they performed in 23rd place! Now in 2014 they will again perform in 23rd place again.

If things come in “threes” it will mean one of the following

  • Denmark will come Second at Eurovision in 2014?
  • Estonia will surprisingly win Eurovision?
  • We will have a very close voting sequence?

Are the planets aligning for a Eurovision Cosmic Déjà vu?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. We’ll never have another close voting sequence, not with the ridiculously tedious way in which the voting is currently conducted. It generally becomes blatantly obvious within the first ten juries who’s going to win, yet there’s still thirty more to call in. This needs to be remedied ASAP.

    • But every country should have the right to vote on the final Anita? No?

      2011 was close until the last 4 juries?

      It really depends if there is no clear runaway favourite before the contest. This year seems to be be wide open

      • Yes, every country should be allowed to vote, but I firmly believe that those countries that fail to progress from the semis should have their votes combined into a collective score – a super jury, if you will. As such, there would be 25/26 juries plus the super jury to call in, greatly reducing the risk of tedium and/or the impact of political voting.

        • A good idea Anita however for the countries that seem to not make the final on a regular basis – like Bulgaria or Cyprus – it denies them air time for a contest that they put time and effort into. So for them the 2 mins giving out the votes is their one and only link to the grand final – remove that and what is the incentive?

          I think the kids at JESC last year had it spot on. They called out all the 1-12 votes in 45 seconds each. None of this talking for ages that the adults feel the need to do. That way you get to hear all the votes and see the tension

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