Eurovision Finals 2013

IRELAND : Johnny Logan Leading in the Charts

Johnny Logan and Duke Special - compete in "The Hit" live this Friday August 9th and you can be there too! Photograph courtesy of RTE

Johnny Logan and Duke Special – battling it out in the Irish Charts to make the final of the RTE show “The Hit” Photograph courtesy of RTE

Less than 48 hours to go and we will know if Johnny Logan has managed to make it to the Grand Final of the RTE Song Contest show “The Hit”.

This is a close battle between Johnny and Duke Special. Whoever finishes higher in the Irish Charts makes it into the Grand Final – pure and simple.

Johnny Logan and the song “Prayin” – composed by Alan Earls – is at #17 in the overall charts yet it is still #1 in Irish Rock charts!

Duke Special’s song “1969” – composed by Aaron Hackett – is at #20 in the overall charts yet it is #10 in the Irish Pop charts.

RTE have very kindly sent Eurovision Ireland a High Quality video of Johnny Logan’s live performance from the show last Friday.

If you have not seen “The Hit” before ,then this is the concept of the show here

In case you missed the live show last week where Johnny Logan and Duke Special selected their respective songs, you can view it fully here

We had thought that the songs were only available to download in Ireland but we have had many readers of Eurovision Ireland saying that they have been able to get “Prayin” on i Tunes in the UK – so here is the link to get your own copy of Johnny Logan’s song “Prayin”

The charts close at Midnight tomorrow so not long to make your choice now. We have to get Johnny to #1 again so get downloading and look at the full show to see both Johnny and Duke put in 2 great performances on “The Hit”

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – RTE, iTunes and Eurovision Ireland

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