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Ryan Dolan’s performance in Stormont

Ryan Dolan - Irish Representative at Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Ryan Dolan – Irish Representative at Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

As we had reported, Irish Eurovision Representative Ryan Dolan, performed at the Northern Ireland Parliament buildings – Stormont – on Monday April 8th for the DUP First Minister. Not many performers are awarded this honor and Ryan was there with his 2 backing singers. Well we have managed to get a short clip of Ryan performing “Only Love Survives” in The Long Gallery at Stormont to the assembled members. 

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Basil McCrea MLA)

Today Ryan is in Dublin to get measured for his Eurovision stage outfit. We are sure that it will not be a Jedward creation! Ryan’s You Tube Channel has surpassed half a million views which is showing the level of interest in his music. 

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Ryan Dolan)

Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source Eurovsion Ireland

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  1. Sweden & Ireland both have similar uptempo songs this year (and neither singer is particularly gifted) but whereas Robin moves about to his entry, Ryan seems intent on being static as it all goes on around him. Therefore I hope his outfit is better than the dull efforts he’s been performing in so far. He needs something stylish to help make people sit up and notice and not have Sweden cancel him out should he make the final (which I think he will).

  2. He dragged those bloody backing singers? Wtf… Has he not learned that they destroy the song?!? We have NO chance in Malmo if they are involved. 😦

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