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SVT Film Eurovision 2013 Interval footage for the Live Shows in Dublin and 9 other cities

SVT Film crew in Dublin shooting "Euphoria" for the live Eurovision 2013 Shows

SVT Film crew in Dublin shooting “Euphoria” for the live Eurovision 2013 Shows

As we told you last week, SVT were in Dublin shooting a chorus of Loreen’s winning Eurovision 2012 song “Euphoria” for the Live Eurovision shows later in May. We can reveal that 10 cities have been selected around Europe for this shooting and Dublin is one of them. The assembled Eurovision fans were treated to a free bar – dangerous to do in Ireland but our fans were well-behaved!

(YouTube Video courtesy of Patrick Mooney)

Unfortunately we cannot show you the footage of what was recorded by SVT, as that will spoil the Eurovision surprise, but we can tell you what happened. The Dublin scene is played out to the second chorus of “Euphoria” and the track used was in an “Irish” musical style. The scenario was a pub karaoke session with lots of close up shots of the fans that attended – so be ready to see yourself on Eurovision 2013.

From all accounts it was a great time had by all. Where will the other 9 locations be?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor In Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source Eurovision Ireland

(Photograph courtesy of Patrick Mooney)


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