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Denmark Emily

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It was a Smörgåsbord of Eurovision tonight with Denmark selecting their representative for Eurovision 2013, Norway Selecting 3 more finalists from Semi Final 2 and Iceland not wanting to be out done also putting another 3 acts through to next weekend’s final.


The biggest national so far this season. It was on the scale of a Eurovision Final itself. After all the 10 acts had performed we were treated to an interval act of 3 Eurovision Winners – Brotherhood of Man (UK), Herrey’s (Sweden) and Johnny Logan (Ireland). The crowd were electric throughout the entire show.

After a break the 3 finalists that made the Grand Final were announced

  •  Simone- “Stay Awake”
  •  Emmelie de Forest- “Only Teardrops”
  •  Mohamed- “Unbreakable”

The judges cast their votes and they were quite varied so it came down to the public vote to decide. After the calls were counted the winner was Emmelie de Forest- “Only Teardrops” who will now represent Denmark in Malmo.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of MARK KANEPI)


7 acts competed in the second Semi Final from Florø in Western Norway. After the televote was counted the Top 3 that made it to the final were

  • First – Margaret Berger – Feed You My Love
  • Second – Fjellfolk – Ulvetuva
  • Third – Annsofi – I’m With You

As you will know that Annsofi’s song – “I’m With You” is composed by the 2009 Eurovision Winner Alexander Rybak.

1st – Margaret Berger – Feed You My Love

(YouTube Video Courtesy of IKindOfUploadStuff)

2nd – Fjellfolk – Ulvetuva

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Fjellfolk)

3rd – Annsofi – I’m With You

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Mresc2013Malmo)


So who would qualify from tonight’s semi final in Iceland? Again there were 6 acts competing for 3 places in next week’s final. When the judges and public votes were combined the 3 lucky acts were

  • Jógvan Hansen & Stefanía Svavarsdóttir – Til Þín (For You)
  • Haraldur Reynisson – Vinátta (Friendship)
  • Unnur Eggertsdóttir – Ég Syng! (I’m Singing!)

Jógvan Hansen & Stefanía Svavarsdóttir – Til Þín (For You)

(YouTube Video Courtesy of maqqaq)

Haraldur Reynisson – Vinátta (Friendship)

(YouTube Video Courtesy of maqqaq)

Unnur Eggertsdóttir – Ég Syng! (I’m Singing!)

(YouTube Video Courtesy of maqqaq)

So there you have it. Emmelie de Forest wins in Denmark and 3 songs make the final in Norway and Iceland. It was a busy night and expect your weekends to be filled with National Finals for the next few weeks. 

Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief – Garrett Mulhall

Source – DR, NRK and RUV.

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