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LIVE: At the top of each hour “EI 60 Seconds”

#JoinUs and #ComeTogether at the top of each hour where we will be bringing you the previous hour’s highlights on Periscope – absolutely LIVE. Just like the LIVE coverage of the interviews we carry out in the Press Centre, we will be bringing you News Bulletins at the […]

Malta: A Review of “Walk on Water”

Malta took to the stage this afternoon for their first rehearsal. Walk on Water is a slick interpretation of their official video incorporating the elements of water and sunlight. Water was formed from the floor with rings of bright blue light surrounding Ira on stage. Ira’s outer cloak was […]

Stay Tuned via Social Media

Social Media is truly the place to follow our coverage here in Stockholm. Before our Interviews are placed on to our YouTube channel, you can follow them LIVE via Periscope. Yes, as the Interview goes LIVE, a link will be placed on our Twitter account @EurovisionIrela. Periscope can be […]