Eurovision 2023

#EUROVISION 2023: A history of each country’s Highs and Lows at Eurovision.

Rehearsals are well and truly under way at the M and S Bank arena in Liverpool and while the first week’s rehearsals are closed to press and fan media ,meaning that we are unable to bring you our usual live blogs of the rehearsals, we at Eurovision Ireland decided to take a look at the highs and lows of each country competing in Eurovision this year. So far we have covered Albania, Armenia , Australia, Azerbaijan and Austria . Today we are going to focus on Belgium .

When did Belgium first take part in Eurovision?

Belgium first took part in the very first ESC way back in 1956 ,in Lugano .Back then, countries were allowed to send two entries . Fud Leclerc sang “”Messieurs les noyés de la Seine” and Mony Marc ,sang “Le plus beau jour de ma vie”. Also in those days , the only final placing decided was the winner, which was the late Lys Assia , who represented Switzerland with the song ” Refrain”

Belgium’s highest points at Eurovision

Belgium’s highest point in Eurovision to date goes all the way back to 1986, when Sandra Kim ( who later confessed to being just 13 years old at the time of her victory) took victory in Bergen , Norway with her song “J’aime la vie”. The song remains popular up to this day . Then in 2003, Belgium came very close to winning again , only being narrowly beaten by Turkey , when they were represented by Urban Trad with their song “Sanomi”.

Belgium’s low points at Eurovision

Unfortunately , Belgium have several low points throughout their Eurovision career , finishing last in 1961, 1962,1965,1973, 1979,1985,2000. However, their lowest point was probably way back in 1962, when they were the very first country to achieve the dreaded nul points! The unfortunate holder of this title was Fud Leclerc ,singing “Ton Nom “.There were actually three other countries sharing this fate too but because Belgium had an earlier draw in the running order , they were considered as the first country to achieve 0 points.Seems a bit unfair doesn’t it?

The 1993 entrant , Barbara Dex gained the dubious honour of inspiring the website “” to introduce the Barbara Dex award, where fans voted for the worst -dressed performer at the contest , after Barbara appeared in a rather unflattering hand made dress.

How will Belgium do in 2023?

This year , Gustaph won the Belgian National selection to represent the nation in Liverpool, with his song “Because of you”. The song has had a mixed reception with fans and on social media. Gustaph will sing in Semi Final 2 on 11th May and he is 5th in the running order. Can Gustaph repeat the successes of the last two years and get Belgium into the Grand Final again?

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Author: Sarah Rudman

Source :Eurovision .TV, Eurovision Gold

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