Eurovision 2021

🇬🇧 #ESC23: Eurovision Village To Charge For Grand Final Viewing?

Details surrounding this year’s Eurovision Village, at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, in Liverpool, have been revealed.

As the Liverpool Echo has revealed in FULL DETAIL, the Eurovision Village will be open for nine days between 13:00 GMT/14:00 CET and 23:00 GMT/00:00 CET. Visitors (of which can be a maximum of 25,000) will be dispersed by 23:00 GMT/00:00 CET for the first eight days, while they will be dispersed on the night of the Grand Final by 00:30 GMT/01:30 CET. This has been promised via letter to the local residents.

While the first eight days will see free entry to the Eurovision Village, it is understood there will be a fee to enter on the day of the Grand Final. The fee of which will be charged, is currently unknown.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Liverpool Echo

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