🇳🇿 #NEWZEALAND: Could An Invitation Be Issued For Eurovision Participation?

The EU Ambassador for New Zealand, Nina Obermaier, could apply for participation at a future Eurovision Song Contest.

Nina Obermaier, had the following to say:

“Yes absolutely … I don’t see any reason why New Zealand would not be able to join [Eurovision]. It would require a bit of enthusiasm though because … Eurovision is massive … [there are] viewing parties all over Europe and [Australia].”

TVNZ, the New Zealand national broadcaster, is an associate member of the European Broadcasting Union. Like SBS, the Australian national broadcaster, they can be issued an invitation to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest. When the Eurovision Asia Song Contest was originally announced back in 2018, TVNZ had begun discussions regarding participation.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Aussievision

Categories: EBU, Eurovision 2021, New Zealand

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