Eurovision 2021

🇺🇦 #UKRAINE: Vidbir 2023 Finalists Revealed

UA:PBC, the Ukrainian national broadcaster, has revealed the Finalists that will feature in Vidbir 2023.

384 songs were submitted by 299 Artists. 36 of these Artists made the long list. The finalists that made Vidbir 2023 and their songs are:

  • 2TONE – Квітка (Flower) 
  • Angelina – Stronger 
  • DEMCHUK – Alive 
  • FIINKA – Довбуш (Dovbush) 
  • Jerry Heil – When God Shut The Door 
  • KRUTЬ – Колискова (Lullaby) 
  • Moisei – I’m Not Alone 
  • OY Sound System – Ой, тужу (Oy, tuzhu) 
  • Tember Blanche – Я вдома (I’m Home) 
  • TVORCHI – Heart Of Steel 

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Author: Richard Taylor


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