Eurovision 2020

#UK #Ireland Eurovision Reunion @ The Lewis Nicholls Show!

Eurovision Ireland is excited to announce the UK and Ireland EUROVISION REUNION on ‘The Lewis Nicholls Show’, this Monday – April the 5th.

The celebrity interviewer and host of show has reunited for you 11 Eurovision stars to share their experience, behind the scenes moments, personal moments and so much more. The online show will feature:
Dana (Winner 1970 Ireland)
Nicki French (UK entry 2000)
Paul Harrington (winner 1994 Ireland)
Niamh Kavanagh (winner 1993 Ireland)
David Ducasse (Scooch) (UK entry 2007)
Gemma Abbey (Jemini) (UK entry 2003)
Marc Roberts (runner up 1997 Ireland)
Andy Abraham (UK entry 2008)
Terry Dobson (Black Lace) (UK entry 1979)
Daz Sampson (UK entry 2006)
Mickley Joe Harte (Ireland entry 2003)

Watch the reunion on Monday 5th April at 7pm UK time (8pm CET) and see the stars together sharing experiences, highs and lows and more.
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Source: Lewis Nicholls, Eurovision Ireland

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