#ANDORRA: A Possible Return To Eurovision In 2022

Susanne Georgi has been discussing the possible return of Andorran participation at the Eurovision Song Contest over recent months and news is looking positive. While the return is two year’s away, 2021 was considered too soon with the current Coronavirus pandemic – a decision shared by both Susanne and the Andorran government.

Susanne Georgi had the following to say about the current verbal agreement:

“The government is very positive. There is sort of a verbal green light, but not for 2021. I’m also agreeing with that 100%. We think it’s too soon. Here we’re still fighting with the Covid and we’re just too afraid of spending all this work and money and hard work on something that maybe won’t be able to happen in 2021.

There is still nothing officially signed – this is all verbal. It’s not my job to say we’re going officially – that would have to come from the tv station or the government. But I think it’s positive we have this debate going now. Verbally, it is sort of confirmed.

It’s a new government and they do listen to the country. I really feel heard and they really want to do something for the music scene and the artists of Andorra.”

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: ESCXtra & Eurovoix

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