Eurovision 2019

#ESC2019 Semi-Final 1 – Borderline qualifiers?

Eurovision 2018 qualifiers @ Andres Putting

So we’ve seen the rehearsals, we’ve looked at the bookies favourites and we all have our favourites. Some acts are more certain to qualify than others, but who are the acts that are not quite there yet, but they still have a good chance to grab that desired 10th place in the Semi Final.

This is a personal opinion and it’s not trying to influence you in any way. I’ve chosen 4 acts in order of their appearance on the stage:

  1. Poland – Tulia

Arguments for qualifying: original sound, good voices, diaspora suppot

Arguments against: the staging doesn’t scream vote for me!

2. Hungary – Joci Papai

Arguments for qualifying: Heartfelt song and performance, fan base from two years ago

Arguments against: Loads of floating heads

3. Portugal – Conan Osiris

Arguments for: original song and performance, hyped fan base

Arguments against: not everyone’s cup of tea, failing to understand the concept

4. San Marino – Serhat

Arguments for: fun song, memorable, fans genuinely want San Marino in the Final, support of the Turkish fans that can’ vote for Turkey (not taking part since 2012

Arguments against: not vocally challenging enough to be considered by the juries, weak choreography for a fun, dancing song.

What do you think? Who is your 10th qualifier from Semi-Final 1?

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I seriously hope San Marino make it as it’s light-hearted fun with no need for any crazy gimmicks. Problem is will the rest of Europe feel the same way?
    Poland ..Just something about it doesn’t sit right. The staging is a bit strange and it all seems a bit static,with no natural flow in the performance. Think diaspora votes may get it through though.
    Portugal….oh why oh why have RTP insisted on dressing Conan and his pal to look like Christmas trees instead of sticking with the original white ? It’s a real let down and detracts from the whole message of the song . I hope it gets through but think some of Europe may not ” get it”.
    Hungary- Joci has a great voice and he sings from the heart ,bless him but for me , it’s not as good as his 2017 entry,so if he does qualify,my guess would be that he is around 9th or 10th place out of the 10 qualifiers .

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