Eurovision 2018

#ESC18: Gimmicks, What Gimmicks?


For the first time since the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Oslo, back in 2010, there was no LED screens used as part of the stage design. This was part of a cost cutting exercise by RTP, but also led to an array of creative decisions from the participating delegations.

Only Germany brought a pop-up video projection screen with them. All the other delegations were more creative – although some viewers may see these as gimmicks also. Gimmicks they are not – as creativity takes a lot of planning and in some cases rehearsing.

Let’s take Moldova as an example. DoReDos qualified from Semi-Final 2 and performed “My Lucky Day” in the Grand Final. Let’s take a look at the performance that landed them  10th place overall.

Video: YouTube/EBU

What look’s like a gimmick, is actually a well oiled rehearsed machine. We present to you a video filmed by an audience member from within the Altice Arena, as well as rehearsal footage to prove how creative a delegation can be.

Video: YouTube/Martin Schmidtner

Video: YouTube/K2ID MUSIC

As you can see, major rehearsing has taken place to prove this performance was more than a gimmick on screen. Some of the artists discussed their props in an official Eurovision video:

Video: YouTube/EBU

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Categories: Eurovision 2018

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