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#SWEDEN: Melodifestivalen Jury Final 2018 – #JoinUs From 19:00 CET

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Hello there, it’s Richard and I’m still here LIVE from Stockholm, brining you coverage of this year’s Melodifestivalen Jury Final. You know the drill, just hit refresh throughout the evening to see the latest happenings from the Friends Arena.

Refresh from 19:00CET

We are moments away from the start of tonight’s Jury Final for Melodifestivalen 2018. Our friendly Floor Manager Henrick is running through a few things before everything get’s going. Considering this is a popular event, the arena is not even half full – tickets normally fly out the door for this run through when the main show sells out so quickly.

And we’re off. Running OPENING TITLES!!!

David Lindgren opens the show with one massive dance troupe – singing “One Together”. David is in a Black leather jacket, white t-shirt and black trousers. A great show opener.

After introducing the acts for tonight, David cuts across to Fab Freddie in the Green Room.

Mendez – “Everyday”

Mendez is in a black shirt/trouser combo. He sounds a bit flat in the opening verse but does pick up once he enters the first chorus. We have some added pyrotechnics since yesterday – the curtain effect works well behind the backing dancers. A great start to the show.

David Lindgren has changed into a white suit and white roll neck.

Renaida – “All The Feels”

Renaida’s final outfit is a yellow sequin number – only held in place by a fat black belt. This is accessorised by orange brushy earrings. While all the aspects of a good performance are here, I just have this feeling they don’t flow coherently.

Martin Almgren – “A Bitter Lullaby”

Oh thank goodness you’ve got the charisma tonight Martin – the grab the attention factor wasn’t there yesterday. He also seems a lot more comfortable in the whole performance and enjoying it. Martin is wearing a long floaty black jacket over a green top.

It is hard to gauge audience reactions tonight when the arena isn’t even half full.

We have the first of the ‘comedy’ segments and they feature David and Henrick.

John Lundvik – “My Turn”

John is wearing a white suit and a white polo shirt. If it’s emotion you are looking for in your Melodifestivalen winner this year, John is able to convey this with oozes of confidence. We have added pyrotechnics since yesterday – putting that added bit of drama to the end of the performance.

David throws over to Fab Freddie in the Green Room.

Jessica Andersson – “Party Voice”

Jessica is wearing an all in one top/trouser, which is black with some added sparkle in places. Her backing dancers are in pink. In terms of fun numbers so far, this ranks behind Mendez for me. We have some fountain-firework type pyrotechnics added near the end.

LIAMOO – “Last Breath”

If you are. to good with a lot of flashing effects, this is one to avoid. LIAMOO is in a black hooded jacket and black trousers. The spoken/rap/sung mix to the song really is not something that agrees with my musical tastes and I’ve yet to see something like this at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Samir & Viktor – “Shuffla”

With various changes yesterday, Viktor has gone with a pale pink bomber jacket over the white shirt. The camera work has also been tidied up too, as it doesn’t look quite a mess on screen now. We have located a translation of the song:

We’re gonna shake it real phat
the best they’ve ever seen
Na na na
Na na na
Dance until the dusk

Make you feel as a king again
Like if it’s always a Friday
Yes, the whole floor is for us
We will always style real hard
Join us, yeah join us

We will get into trance
Put the whole night out of balance
Join us, yeah join us
So listen
Come on Stockholm
Come on Malmö
Come on Karlstad
And Gotheburg
Ö-vik, Kristianstad, Umeå, Örebro
Sundsvall, yes everybody 

Shuffle Shuffle
Shuffle Shuffle

When you hang out with us
The dancing never ends
Woa oh
Na na na
Na na na

Source: Aftonbladet/Schlagerbloggen

David hands over to Fab Freddie again. We have another one of those comedy segments – this time with David and Fab Freddie.

Mariette – “For You”

Nothing needed to change from yesterday’s rehearsal and it hasn’t. Mariette has kept to the same white outfit too. We have since learnt that Mariette is attached to something (although not clear on screen), so the fear of her falling off that small platform is lessened.

Felix Sandman – “Every Single Day”

Felix is another male to be dressed all in black. While it wasn’t clear on screen yesterday, the emotion is really coming through tonight – the real key to this performance. Lighting has stayed the same, very dark with three or four strategically placed spotlights. Another improvement from yesterday.

Margaret – “In My Cabana”

Margaret is dressed in a vibrant yellow top/tracksuit bottom number. Her backing dancers are either in predominantly white or black. Plumes of smoke and pyrotechnics have been added to the performance since yesterday.

Benjamin Ingrosso – “Dance You Off”

Benjamin has gone with a loose hooded black jacket. The routine seems to have changed slightly – but not to make much of a real difference. With a few lighting effect issues yesterday, this evening seems to have been flawless. There might be not much of a crowd, but they are going wild for this.

Rolandz – “Fuldans”

The lead singer is a human version of Dustin The Turkey – and that’s an insult to Dustin. If someone could explain to us why the Swedish audience voted for this, it’d be gratefully appreciated. Added pyrotechnics at the beginning really is the only thing it has going for it. The competitive side of the show ends on a low, rather than a high. We have located a translation of the song:

Susanne has beautiful teeth
Marie can do a pirouette
But none of them make my heart beat like Anette
She has a totally unique style
She drinks beer and spits tobacco
Tall and wonky she spreads her light

A boogie woogie babe
With a boogie woogie style
When she dances swing dance – Oh my God
Everything may be crooked, but still it ends up right
When we hit the dancefloor together

A boogie woogie girl
She never turns me down
Cause she knows I’m a boy in love
We can dance all night long
We’ll blow the roof off this place

We’re dancing the ugly dance
The ugly dance
We’re dancing the ugly dance
The ugly dance
We’re dancing the ugly dance
We’ll blow the roof off this place

Source: Aftonbladet/Schlagerbloggen

David joins Fab Freddie in the Green Room. Due to unknown issues to the eye earlier, LIAMOO is on again. However, instead of a performance, we are back in the Green Room again. LIAMOO is performing.

Pretend voting is now open.

We now have a look back at Swedish classics before Solala Helen comes on to perform.

Pretend international voting is taking place. The order in which they are presented: Poland, Albania, Iceland, Italy, Cyprus, Australia, Georgia, the United Kingdom, Armenia, France and Portugal.

We have a reminder of the voting details, a look back at Melodifestivalen this year and David performing again – this time “Alla Ska Fa”.

Back to the Green Room with Fab Freddie. The pretend voting is now closed.

Caroline Af Ugglus (previous Melodifestivalen participant), brings a very classical version of “I Cant Go On”.

The pretend results are in and the fake tension can begin.

Samir & Viktor are tonight’s fake winners.

Thank you for joining me tonight and our coverage of the Melodifestivalen Jury Final. Don’t forget to join Andrew tomorrow evening for our LIVE BLOG, where we will discover who will represent Sweden in Lisbon, in May.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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