Eurovision 2018

#KAZAKHSTAN – Eurovision 2019 debut on the cards?


It’s the news Eurovision fans have been waiting years to hear!

We’ve not even had Eurovision 2018 yet, but it looks like Eurovision 2019 is going to be quite an event! Earlier this year, Liechtenstein announced they plan to debut in 2019, now Kazakhstan has made a similar claim!

Earlier today, the Head of Kazakhstan’s Channel 31 Bagdat Kodzhahmetov said that Kazakhstan will debut in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 during a meeting with the Minister of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Mukhamediuly. Not only this, but will be a Kazakh national selection to choose their entry!

Mr Kodzhahmetov said:

In order to participate in the Eurovision – both Junior and the adult – the broadcaster must become the EBU member. Therefore, Channel 31 took the initiative, so we became members of the EBU and therefore can send a performer to the Eurovision on behalf of Kazakhstan. In case the Kazakhstani performer wins, the next Eurovision will be held in Kazakhstan

While the Ministry of Culture and Sport has confirmed that Channel 31 has applied for EBU membership, we must stress that the EBU itself has not yet responded whether membership has been granted. Khabar Agency has been an associate member of the EBU since January 1 2016, but Channel 31 is seeking full membership. This would grant Kazakhstan the right to participate in Eurovision without special invitation, which it would need currently as an associate member.

Kazakhstan won Turkivision in 2014 with ‘Izin Körem’ by Zhanar Dugalova, who has stated in the past she would love to represent the country again at the Eurovision Song Contest – and we think you’ll agree, she definitely has what it takes to storm the scoreboard!

What do you think? Are you happy Eurovision is expanding? Who would you like to represent Kazakhstan at the Eurovision Song Contest?

Let us know what you think!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: ESCBubble

Image Source: Wikipedia

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