Reliving the Moment – #EuroStarz concert returns!


Oh what a night… you could even say “this is the night, this is the night,” 😉 EuroStarz was back for 2017 and bigger than ever – and what a night it was!

Hosted by the effortlessly charming Karl William Lund, 6 Eurovision acts from across Europe performed at the Star of Kings in London to an excited crowd of loyal fans who’d travelled from far and wide to see their favourites sing. And we certainly weren’t disappointed!


Karl kicked off the evening with tracks from his own impressive back catalogue as well as covers from Martin Fitch’s upcoming album (which he incidentally wrote!) and Finland’s sombre 2017 ballad ‘Blackbird’. He was then joined by his former backing singer and fellow EuroStar Salena Mastroianni to sing Estonia’s 2017 entry, ‘Verona’ – a clear fan favourite as the whole audience joined in too! Salena also sang her national selection entry ‘I Don’t Wanna Fight’ and reminded us all why the vocal dynamo was such a great finale for the UK’s selection earlier this year.

When Malta wins Eurovision (not if, when!), they really need to consider having Kurt Calleja host. Charismatic and a born showman, he knows exactly how to get the crowd going with his rendition of ‘Nel Blu Dipinto De Blu” (Volare) and taking us into the interval, left us all begging for more! After a quick break, the stunning Anjeza Shahini from Albania brought a touch of Balkans to London by singing in her native Albanian. But it was back to English for ‘The Image of You’, the entry that brought Albania into Eurovision and held the title of their top placing entry for 9 years.


Image Credit: James Scanlan

We’ve always known Mihai Trăistariu was a talented vocalist and tonight he proved it beyond all doubt. Giving us a one man Eurovision show of previous winning tracks including ‘My Number One’ and ‘Fairytale’, the fans adored him and went wild. Mihai is in his element on stage and clearly has his sights set on being Romania’s first ever Eurovision winner – if anyone can do it, he can! Last but by no means least, Eurovision royalty Anne Marie David took to the stage with a series of songs from the musicals, a French language version of Spain’s 2010 entry ‘Algo Pequeñito’ and a revamped version of her 1973 winning entry ‘Tu Te Reconnaîtras’. It was a real treat to see such a dedicated and accomplished performer in action – bravo madame!

But the night wasn’t over yet! Oh no! Before the final curtain call, Karl was rejoined on stage by Anne Marie, Anjeza, Salena, Mihai and Kurt for a medley of the UK’s highlights to celebrate 60 years of the United Kingdom taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as 20 years since their last victory with ‘Love Shine A Light’. What a fantastic way to end the show!


Image Source: James Scanlan

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all the acts for an amazing night, as well as to the EuroStarz team, particularly to Caroline, Michael and Tania for all their hard work and for having Eurovision Ireland there – we really can’t wait for the next show!

Keep checking back as we’ll be uploading our interviews with ALL 6 ACTS over the coming days – we’ve got so much to tell and show you! 😀

Remember to keep checking back to Eurovision Ireland as we’ll be keeping you all updated on upcoming EuroStarz events! Alternatively, check out the EuroStarz website and join other fans on their official Facebook page!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland, EuroStarz

Image Source: EuroStarz, James Scanlan

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