Eurovision 2016

UNITED KINGDOM: BBC announces selection plans


The United Kingdom’s BBC has announced it will be staging a national final in 2017.

Many of you out there will be keen to know what the BBC’s approach will be in 2017 for selecting its song for Kyiv. As you’ll know, it staged ‘Eurovision You Decide’ this year after a run of internal selections.

The format in 2017 will match that for 2016. Budding composers and songwriters will have until 1 November to submit their songs. Through a selection process headed by music executive Hugh Goldsmith and BBC editor of special events Guy Freeman, a number of songs will take part in a televised selection. The fan club OGAE UK will again be involved in the pre-selection process.

The BBC’s full press release is HERE. If you decide to submit a song, the very best of luck.

The United Kingdom has won the Eurovision Song Contest five times, most recently in 1997 by Katrina & The Waves. In Stockholm in May, the UK’s representatives Joe & Jake came 24th.

Who would you like to see singing for the UK in Kyiv? Should Joe & Jake have done better in Stockholm?

Writer: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, BBC

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