AUSTRALIA : How the #DamiArmy could show Eurovision ‘How It’s Done!’

Dami Army

The #DamiArmy is Marching on Europe – So Watch Out!

Dami Im will represent Australia at Eurovision 2016. It was not a fluke or just a blind decision made by Australian broadcaster SBS. Dami Im has supporters known as the #DamiArmy and they have been a highly energised force to be reckoned with.

Dami came to prominence in Australia’s X-Factor and that was where her supporters came into being. They became a force to be reckoned with and their collective name was coined #DamiArmy. We haven’t seen such a grass root support for an artist since Jedward and their fans rocked Eurovision in 2011.

In 2011 Jedward tapped into their fan network across Europe – even in places where they had not even released music. Dami maybe a new name to many in Europe but she has her troop of fans who are devoted and organised. We are beginning to see signs of that already with #DamiArmy twitter accounts and fan pages popping up all over Europe.

She paid tribute to the #DamiArmy in an interview in Australia where she acknowledged that they had canvassed for 2 years to get her to Eurovision – it’s paid off!

Are we set to see the #DamiArmy march to victory at Eurovision in Stockholm. The ‘Sound of Silence’ could just get very very loud!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. #DamiArmy Tidbits

    There is this group of people, teenagers, young and retired, professionals and non-professionals, musicians and just music lovers, strangers all, heard and saw Dami sing and perform and they knew that she is special and should be supported and promoted. This is the #DamiArmy.

    The first wave of #DamiArmy are techsavy. They twitted down those who hurled online racist rants on Dami when she was announced as the winner of XFactor Australia 2013.

    Most of the second wave of #DamiArmy are not active online. They created their FB and Twtr accounts just to support and promote Dami, after the marketing of her Superlove single was deemed lacking. This group of #DamiArmy had to learn and even had a trial dry run of how to do a twtr campaign before Dami’s next single Gladiator was released.

    #DamiArmy wants nothing more than to see Dami soar as far and wide as her wings would take her.

    Go Dami!!!

  2. You are quite right about the Dami Army supporting the enchanting Dami Im! There are many Dami Army groups from the USA, Mexico, South America, and Europe! We all, support Dami Im, simply because she is a sensational artist! This phenomenal and enchanting artist, has a powerhouse voice, that allows her to hold her own with any of today’s top mega stars! Dami’s powerhouse voice, can turn ant song into a mesmerizing and captivating experience, that you just have to hear to believe!
    This was proven many times, throughout 2014 and 2015, as she performed in many countries in Southeast Asia and mainland China! Where each of Dami’s performances were met with thunderous applause and admiration from the audiences! This exotic artist, is the one to keep your eyes on!

  3. #DamiArmy tidbits
    The first wave of #DamiArmy are quite tech savvy. They defended Dami via Twter when she was being racially attacked online after being declared the winner of XFactor 2013.

    Most of the second wave of #DamiArmy are not active online. They were mobilized to CREATE FB & TWT accounts after the marketing of Dami’s Superlove was seen to be lacking. #DamiArmy even had to learn how to tweet and had a practice dry run, before the actual organized Twtter campaign a day after the release of Dami’s Gladiator.

  4. Dami Army are marching on..i am a proud Dami army..we are so proud of Dami- she’s the best to represent australia. We are now showing the rest of the world who Dami is as we already know her. Go Dami,

  5. Not just Australia or Europe, Dami Army are all over the world. There are Dami Army in Canada, the US, Mexico, the Americas, Asia, etc… and we are growing everyday.

  6. we love herrrrrrrr she is so amazing and we are glad that people otuside AUS can see how amazing she is! 🙂 #DamiArmy

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