Eurovision Betting Odds After all Semi-Finalists have rehearsed for the first time!

Betting Odds as of May 14th

Betting Odds as of May 14th

Eurovision Betting Odds After all Semi-Finalists have rehearsed for the first time!

Thursday May 14th and all of the 33 Semi-Finalists have had their first rehearsal for Eurovision 2015.

So what do the betting odds now think of who will win the contest here in Vienna? Well firstly you can look at our comments on all the songs here on our Blogs for Semi Final 1 HERE and HERE and Semi Final 2 HERE and HERE

Top 10 – As of Thursday May 14th


Top 10 in Betting Odds. Photo : OddsChecker

Top 10 in Betting Odds. Photo : OddsChecker


Big Movers

So who are the big movers in the betting odds from Semi Final 1?

2 songs came hurtling in faster than fans looking for promotional material from acts. They are Russia and Georgia.

Russia was near the Top 10 for some time but after Polina Gagarina gave a powerful and flawless performance of her song ‘A Million Voices’ in her first rehearsal, I am sure President Putin could hear the cheers from the press hall. Polina made it look effortless and that was reflected in the comments from the assembled press and hence the betting odds shortened dramatically to where Russia are now 4th overall favourite to win the contest! The betting range is between 9/1 to 12/1 for the win and those odds are justified!


Georgia has been totally underrated for months now and when Nina Sublatti closed off the rehearsals for Semi Final 1 you could hear people saying – what we knew for a long time now – that ‘Warrior’ is a cracking song. The staging was totally sensational and comes with the promise that there is still more to come! Georgia has jumped up to 19th place in the betting odds from the mid thirties. This is one to watch!


What is interesting is that 3 of the Top 10 countries in the betting odds come from Semi Final 1! The 7 others are 2 from the Big 7 and 5 from Semi Final 2.


Semi Final 2 is a lot more difficult to predict from the press centre comments and also now from the betting odds seemingly.

Sweden may have had to drop the slender ‘Blue Man’ for a more bulging figure but that has made no difference to the betting public as Sweden still lead the betting odds to win Eurovision this year. They have been favourites for some weeks now and nothing seems to be removing them from that #1 spot – well maybe until we see the Big 7 perform.

Latvia have come storming in after their performance today. Aminata appears to have had some betting money as well as ‘Love Injected’ into people’s belief in her song for Eurovision glory. Comments ranged on-line from ‘Unique…Nothing Like it in the contest…Really surprised me’ which seem to have convinced people to back the song as it jumps up in the betting odds to 14th from being mid 20th earlier in the day. Not a winner probably but looking more confident in qualifying for the Grand Final.


For a complete look at the betting odds you can do so HERE

So who is your favourites at the moment? Who would you be willing to put money on them winning? Have we heard the winner already?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OddsChecker

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