Eurovision 2015

ITALY : Our thoughts on ‘How Il Volo’ should stage their Eurovision Entry ‘Grande Amore’

Il Volo wins Sanremo. Photo : Facebook

Il Volo wins Sanremo. Photo : Facebook

ITALY : Our thoughts on ‘How Il Volo’ should stage their Eurovision Entry ‘Grande Amore’

So here we go with our first thoughts on ‘How Should They Stage their song at Eurovision 2015’?

First up Italy and Il Divo – Oops Freudian Slip – Il Volo 😉

I’m first going to be honest about Italy. They could win Eurovision any time they choose. Just look at their progress since they returned. A second place in 2011 and two other top 10 finishes. Last year was, I think, a slight hiccup. And don’t forget how they won Junior Eurovision – on their debut – last year. But this year I think is their best chance.

First, here‘s our report from the night Il Volo won. As you’ll see, they’ve already done the business on the stage, with a live orchestra no less. But the stage in Vienna will be a different affair.

In my opinion, I think Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca need to come on stage separately. It happened for and didn’t do them any harm. Either that, or they need to start on different parts of the stage. Then once Piero (the bespectacled Volo and George McFly in the video) starts his first lines and we hit the chorus they all need to be together doing what they do best. Sing, that is. The staging needs to be dramatic black and white, maybe with a bit of colour for the chorus. The ending to this song is big. Really big. So a big finish needs a big bright stage. Maybe some combination of white, silver and pale grey.

And what to wear? Suits of course. A classy song like this needs a classy look.

What could possibly go wrong?

What do you think?

Author/Editor: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. No need for a dramatic entrance. If it’s concert probably, YES, but they only have limited time to perform (3 mins) but i agree with you with this BIG BRIGHT STAGE (end of the song) 🙂

  2. The suits idea is a given but I would go the traditional route for these guys – three in a row but with spotlights above them, just lighting each of them and no more of the stage. As each sings their bit, they are the only one lit up and the lighting then moves to the next soloist. When they all sing in harmony, the lights appear on all three to draw all the focus on them singing.

    As the song reaches its climax, the lights all over the stage go up – I would have no pyros or showers, the whole emphasis is on them and their amazing voices. The closest to this last year would have been Sanna – everything light tightly around the singer(s).

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