Eurovision 2014

RUSSIA : Serebro rock ‘Europa Plus Live 2014’

Serebro. Photo :

Serebro. Photo :

They were the sexy nuns of Eurovision 2007 who proved that being sultry doesn’t mean you have to go naked to look hot! Well they changed their mind in the above picture! They sang about being ‘Song 1’ yet they managed to be Song #3 on the night.

Line up changes and the wearing of less clothing since 2007, they were rumoured to have split or in the process. Nah! The girls are in the middle of recording a new album if you follow their 2 million posts on Facebook and Instagram daily. Personally I always wear a bikini when I am in the studio recording. However I like this band.

They recently took to the stage of the ‘Europe Plus Live 2014’ festival were they performed in front of over 50 thousand people. They did a live set that had a touch of the Spice Girls circa ‘Who do you think you are’ phase about them but what they do they do well. They performed many of their big hits ‘Mothers Luba, little You, MI MI MI (MI MI MI) and I will not give up’. Mi Mi Mi is a personal favourite of mine – it maybe a simple song but it’s darn catchy like the common cold.

Russia could do with having these women back at the contest to give some attitude.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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