Eurovision 2014

Alexander Rybak and Maria Haukaas Mittet to appear on ‘The Hit’

"The Hit" - New RTE show in Norway. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

“The Hit” – New RTE show in Norway. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Eurovision Winner Alexander Rybak is to appear on the Irish devised show ‘The Hit’. The ‘Fairytale’ singer will be competing in the weekly knock out rounds to find a new song and gain the most votes from the public each week. In Ireland the votes are actually determined by the song that has the highest chart success in the following 7 days.

This year it saw the return of Eurovision legend Johnny Logan and 2006 contestant Brian Kennedy to the Irish Charts. As in Ireland – the legendary music producer Steve Lillywhite has selected 42 songs for the Norwegian artists to try to find their next ultimate ‘Hit’ record.

Rybak will not have it his own way as he will also be competing against fellow Eurovision star Maria Haukaas Mittet (2008)

Who will come out on top? The first show will be broadcast on NRK (Norwegian National Broadcaster) on Friday September 5th with the weekly challenges taking place until the Grand Final on October 24th. Alexander will be appearing on the Friday October 10th show.

Will he or Maria win the Norwegian ‘Hit’? Time will tell.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. Also, Åge Sten Nilsens Ammunition (the new band of former Wig Wam (Norway 2005) vocalist Åge Sten Nilsen) is in it! 🙂 Along with a ton of former MGP competitors; Trine Rein (2006 and 2007), Maria Arredondo (2010), A1 (2010), Venke Knutson (2010), Vidar Busk (2013), Jørn Hoel (1986) and Helene Bøksle (2011). AND Atle Pettersen which participated in MGP JR in 2003. Plus two other competitors, the vocalist from D’Sound, Simone Eriksrud, and Alexander With, that has written songs for both MGP and Melodifestivalen.

    This makes only one participant in “The Hit” that hasen’t had anything to do with Eurovision in one way or another… (well the last competitor’s vocalist has a brother that has competed in MGP once though..)
    Really looking forward to watch this Norwegian show with a bunch of Eurovision-related musicians! 😀

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