Eurovision 2014

POLL : Will Anyone Beat Carl Espen in the Norwegian National Final?

Carl Espen. Photo : YouTube

Carl Espen. Photo : YouTube

Norway are the odds on favourite at the moment to win Eurovision 2014 according to the Betting Odds. Strange even though they have not selected their song but that will change this Saturday.

The indications are that Carl Espen and his ballad “Silent Storm” will walk away with the Melodi Grand Prix title in Oslo and keep Eurovision in Scandinavia for another year.

With 9 finalists in the MGP 2014 Final we thought we better open a poll and get your thoughts on who should win in Norway




  1. Mo – Heal
  2. Linnea Dale – High Hopes
  3. Dina Misund – Needs
  4. Knut Kippersund Nesdal – Taste of You
  5. Oda & Wulff – Sing
  6. Charlie – Hit Me Up
  7. Elisabeth Carew – Sole Survivor
  8. El Cuero – Ain’t No Love In This City No More
  9. Carl Espen – Silent Storm



So who gets your vote to win?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Since next year is the 60th anniversary almost every single country this year wants to win. Don’t be swayed by what you see online such as this ‘odds checker’, because I’m pretty sure the Norway are betting on is Azerbaijan.

  2. Is that the running order? I think its highest competition is High Hopes. That was a pretty solid performance. It’d be great to see Carl win, but I think people are still riding too much on the studio version, which is outstanding (if you’re into that kinda dark Mad World / Other Lives kinda stuff) . But the emotion isn’t carried across during the live performance. I don’t know if he was really nervous or something? But that performance was kind of placid.

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