Eurovision 2014

SPAIN : Speculation of an On-Line National Selection for Eurovision 2014

RTVE - Eurovision 2014. Photo : RTVE

RTVE – Eurovision 2014. Photo : RTVE

According to the on-line website, RTVE (Spanish National Broadcaster) could be set to announce a National Selection for Eurovision 2014.

The website that has been “considerably” busy this Eurovision Season with their predictions and are now suggesting that RTVE feel that a “Big Named” artist will reverse the fortunes of Spain at Eurovision and give them higher tv ratings for 2014.

They claim that RTVE are finalising submissions for an on-line show where several singers will be asked to perform potential entries for Eurovision 2014. Add to this they say that acts like AngyRoser and Melody could be involved.

Elcorteingles goes on to say that this process has also made several artists reconsider entering. You can read the full article HERE

RTVE have said that an announcement will be made on January 15th on their official website.

ESDM – despite being a known name in Spain – failed to gain a large tv audience for RTVE in 2013.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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