Eurovision 2014

HUNGARY : Watch the Videos of the Eurovision 2014 Artists

A-Dal 2014 Videos for Eurovision 2014. Photo : Mohai Balázs

A-Dal 2014 Videos for Eurovision 2014. Photo : Mohai Balázs

Hungary will again use the highly popular A-Dal show to select their song for Eurovision 2014. MTVA has already announced the 30 hopefuls and we have pulled together the videos for the artists/songs. Last year ByeAlex took Hungary to the Top 10 at Eurovision with the song “Kedvesem”. Will the below artists be able to replicate that result?

András Kállay Saunders – Running

Bálint Gájer – Elmaradt pillanatok

Belmondo – Miért ne higgyem

Bogi – We All

Depresszió – Csak a zene

Extensive – Help Me

Fool Moon – It Can’t Be Over

Gabi Knoll – Sweet Memories

Gigi Radics – Catch Me

Group n Swing – Retikül

Heni Dér – Ég veled (Next Please)

Hien – The Way I Do

HoneyBeast – A legnagyobb hős

Ibolya Oláh – Egy percig sztár

Joni – Waterfall

Laura Cserpes – Úgy szállj

Leslie Szabó – Hogy segíthetnék

Lil C – Break Up

Lilla Polyák – Karcolás

Linda Király – Everything

Available tomorrow Tuesday January 7th at 11am (CET) HERE

Music Fabrik – This Is My Life

Mystery Gang – Játssz még jazzgitár

New Level Empire – The Last One

Noémi Takács – Minden mosoly

Saci Szécsi & Böbe Szécsi – Born To Fly

Tamás Vastag – Miss One Smile

To Beat or Not to Beat – Camon Babe (Meg akarom mondani)

Viktor Király – Running Out Of Time

Zsuzsanna Batta – Marge – Morning Light

The A-Dal 2014 Schedule of shows will be as follows

  • January 25th – Heat 1 – 10 Acts Competing
  • February 1st – Heat 2 – 10 Acts Competing
  • February 9th- Heat 3 – 10 Acts Competing
  • February 15th –  Semi-final 1
  • February 16th-  Semi-final 2 
  • February 22nd – Grand Final

You can find more news of the performers at the official A-Dal 2014 website HERE

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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