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JEDWARD POLL and Radio Interview – Should Jedward return to Eurovision 2014?

Jedward for Eurovision 2014? New look for a new Jedward. Photograph courtesy of JedwardGenius

Jedward for Eurovision 2014? New look for a new Jedward. Photograph courtesy of JedwardGenius

Are Jedward looking to return to Eurovision 2014 – take our poll? Well we brought you the story last week that the Irish Twins had not ruled out a return to Eurovision in 2014 – in a recent interview with Irish media. The news now has taken on an International flavor as Edward called a live radio show in Australian – our good friends at Joy94.9 FM where they spoke of Eurovision 2014- Listen to the surprise  interview where Edward said “Eurovision 2014 – John and Edward”

Now we have to thank the crew at Joy Radio – Katie, Daniel and the wonderful Fiona (who is a huge Jedward Fan who was involved in a one hour Jedward Special on the station). Fiona runs the website “Jedward Australia” which is a great site for all the Jedward Fans “Down Under”. You can visit it at
So the rumors are now gaining momentum that Jedward could be making an attempt for Eurovision 2014. So we thought that we would open a poll an ask you all “Should Jedward return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014?”

Have your say on the poll below and let’s see what the International vibe is for the twins to return to the contest.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor In Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Jedward Australia, Joy 94.9FM and Eurovision Ireland

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  2. YES. JUST YES. I love them! ♥ Bring Jedward back for eurovision, they bring so much positive energy and they were the only reason i watched it really haha. I’m not even irish but if Jedward took part again, I’d want Ireland to win. They achieved the highest place that Ireland has ever had. Enough said.

  3. Of course they should return! They were missing last year, they are the ones who make the Eurovision Song Contest to something really entertaining! 🙂
    I think that’s the reason why Ryan didn’t get so many votes – everyone missed Jedward! This year, they could make it to the top – maybe with one of the songs they’re just working on?
    Anyway – 12 points from Germany if they come back this year!

  4. Jedward are ok but let’s thinks of other bands eg kodaline , U2, Sinead o connor , jameila or even enya but lads I think we have better than jedward!!!

  5. Im sick of jedward for eurovision, how about a tallented act for once?? have you seen wake me up in as gaeilge? its amazing! how about ryan sheirdien? also excellent!!! please do not put jedward forward again, we actually have good acts in the country!!!…

  6. They’ve had their chance, two of them in fact…..contrary to common belief they are not mega stars in europe….and yet both times people said they were gonna hoover up the votes from all their european ‘fans’. They’ve been dropped from their label and would only do it to squeeze every last drop out of their celebrity….don’t get me wrong I actiually like them, I just think they’ve had their chance and we should really let someone else have a pop at it….

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