Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

Jury Voting Rolling Blog for Semi Final 2 – Just Refresh the post

Greece - Jury Voting Semi Final Rolling Blog. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Greece – Jury Voting Semi Final Rolling Blog. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Hi All – Garrett here for the Rolling Blog of the Jury Voting Rehearsal for Semi Final 2. I will be running between the blog and broadcasting on – so follow us live.

Great street performance to open the show with BMX Bikers, Skateboarders and Dancers.

We love Petra but her dress is in the running for the Barbara Dex Award – Black Ballgown with the font half missing!! Not a good look.


Party Time as Groupa “Per” urge you to follow them. “Her We Go” had the audience dancing, fist pumping (steady on) and pure Latvian genius. Watch this one sneak into the final!

San Marino

Giving Birth on stage to an Ikea light fixture never sounded so good! Valentina gave it 100% throughout the contractions and the audience went wild for the song. Back in the game with the help of the crowd reaction.

FYR Macedonia

Esma and Lozano have just made sure that we have a Balkan Act in the Grand Final. Lozano still without his glasses and is even cuter than you can imagine. Esma was the Gypsy Diva that we all love and the audience went wild for them. Welcome to the Final Macedonia – “Before The Dawn” too. FAB.COM


Farid and his “Big Box of Tricks” still leaves me breathless. Looking like a Heart throb as Elaine and I will testify to. Massive audience reaction and rightly so. Baku anyone?


Even I could be tempted to tie the knot after Krista got all fruity on stage with her bridesmaids. The Kiss of Life at the end of the song will leave you breathless and begging for more. Never mind Katy Perry “Kissing a Girl and liking it” – many a Eurovision fan could be tempted to after that performance

Quick dash to do a pod cast


Gianluca and Team Malta have charmed 11 thousand people in the stadium. Gianluca was note perfect and had the biggest smile of Eurovision so far. I want to sit on Gianluca’s park bench with him and the gang – LOVED IT!!


Never mind banging their drums but I would be banging my head off a brick wall right now if I was the Bulgarian Delegation – why could Elitsa and Stoyan not performed like this all week long. It all clicked like the final piece of a giant drumming Rubix Cube! I have to now look at my Top 10 songs again – Thanks for a numerical headache Bulgaria – Grrrrrrrrr!!


My Mother told me never to trust a man with long hair but I would trust Eypor with my first born child after that performance. Haunting and stunning at the same time with a sensational note that seems to last a lifetime. This has to make the final.


Opa and I want a black and white kilt now!! With the lack of Balkan countries in the Grand Final this could clean up anything from 60 points plus from that part of Europe alone. One question – are they wearing the kilts in the true Scottish Style – I will literally go undercover to find that out for you!


Moran sings with passion like the Israeli fans did in the audience. Another Barbara Dex nominee here and it detracts from the performance. Let me bring Moran out for a day of shopping in Malmo and we can ensure the look is right. At the moment poor Moran has been styled as Linda Woodruff.


This is looking and sounding great. Authentic is the word that comes to mind when looking at the Armenian act. These are a cool group of guys that you know you could have a pint and some craic with – the Irish Craic and not the narcotic!


“Bish Bash Bosh” and this is ticking all the boxes tonight. I almost felt a little sea sick – not from the song or performance – but from the unified swaying in the hall for this one. Would be happy to see this make the final.


How ironic that before the show we say Margaret Berger eating a “Burger” a few tables down from us. Life imitating art? “I Feed You My Love” – well Europe will be feeding her “POINTS” – AMAZING!!!


I kid you not – I got tackled by the lead singer of Albania in the hall tonight. If her was not a singer he should have been a rugby player. I was doing the Haka with Ewan from ESCInsight and Adrian came at me from behind – behave people!! But this performance had the audience in buoyant mood. This will be a close call.


I am having another goosebumps moment! “Waterfall” by nature and waterfall in nature with the stunning wall of fireworks. I will not deny this but I had a tear in my eye – because I knew Switzerland were on next! But Georgia was sensational. A charismatic and endearing couple – think Romeo and Juliet for 2013. Oh didn’t they die – well you know what I mean. The hall loved Sophi and Nodi – Like I did. Welcome back to the final Georgia.


The “Gap Band” as I call them as they all look like they work in The Gap. Wooden backdrop and sorry to say it but a wooden performance. I cannot understand this performance. This could be missing out – unless the Salvation Army come to their rescue.


“Save the best til last” – Oh Eurovision needs a good big bite from Cezar aka Dracula! He was joined by his gold/flesh colored dancers that give the impression that they are nude – oh heart beat raised to heart attack level. I am gushing like a vampire bite with affection for Cezar and “It’s My Life”. For me one of the star performances of the night. “Cezar For Saturday”


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    • Seriously Graham – there is a case for all 17 to qualify. Tonight will be carnage Martin! I don’t think I have seen such a close Semi Final ever! we will do a joint round up as well as a personal Top 10.

  1. Am going to have to sleep on who I think will make the cut tomorrow night. I have 7 definites but 5 vying for the last 3 spots. Hmm decisions decision. Have a good evening guys.

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