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INTERVIEW – We Meet Gianluca who will represent Malta at Eurovision 2013 with *Tomorrow”

Gianluca - Will represent Malta at Eurovision 2013 with the song "Tomorrow"

Gianluca – Will represent Malta at Eurovision 2013 with the song “Tomorrow”

“Is there a Doctor in the house?” – and the answer to this question today is “YES” as we are very pleased to welcome Gianluca Bezzina who is representing Malta this year at Eurovision with the wonderfully catchy song “Tomorrow”

1.      Question – Hello Gianluca and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us here at Eurovision Ireland. You have been very busy promoting your song across Europe recently.  We saw you at the Armenian National Selection last week. What was the experience like performing your song “Tomorrow” in another county and what was the reaction like from the Armenian audience? 

Hello Garrett and thank you for this interview.

I felt very much at home in Armenia.  The people are fantastic.  I was really surprised that the audience could join me singing during the show. It was a wonderful experience on Armenian TV. I have also met with Gor Sujyan, the Armenian singer and with Sophie and Nodi the Eurovision representatives of Georgia. They are both very charming. We had a very long conversation and exchanged a lot of cultural knowledge.


2.      Question – Now as we said in the opening of our interview you are a fully trained and practicing Doctor. Music and Medicine are not usually prescribed together for a career. How do you manage both occupations in your life? 

I consider my profession mostly as a vocation as I enjoy interacting with people. Eurovision is an added opportunity as it allows me to relate better with the patients and staff.  Hence Eurovision has made my job more enjoyable.  Music has always been an integral part of my life and as a matter of fact my free time is always spent enjoying a jamming session with my siblings and friends.


3.      Question – If “Tomorrow” becomes a big European success – like we think it will be – would you be tempted to leave the medical profession and how difficult would that be for you? 

This is not an easy question to answer as I adore both music and being a doctor.  I believe success comes by balancing the right priorities in life at the right time.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Pbs Malta)


4.      Question – We believe that you come from a large family with 7 siblings. Are you a very musical family –  as we know that you were competing against your sister Dorothy Bezzina and her song “Starting from the end” in the Maltese National Final. Was that a difficult thing to do or was it a source of encouragement? 

I come from a family of seven siblings.  We all love to experiment with music and harmonies.  There’s never a dull moment at home, there is always some kind of music playing in the background.

Dorothy encouraged me to submit a song at the Malta Eurovision.  We worked very closely together and helped each other out.  Dorothy was euphoric when my name was announced.  She will be supporting me in Malmo by monitoring me vocally during the rehearsals.


5.      Question – We read that as a child you were a member of the Malta Children’s Choir. Was that your first exposure to music and did it encourage you to pursue a musical career? 

My first exposure in music was at home singing with my grandfather who was a well-known song writer at his time.

6.      Question – We have seen that you have done a lot of charity work over the years in Malta. There has been your work with “The Voices Choir & Band”  for the Malta Foundation. We personally loved your performances of “I don’t want to lose a thing” and “Shine” with the full choir. How did you become involved in this charity work and what does this kind of work mean to you? 

Malta is a very small country and charity events are very popular. Dorothy encouraged me to join these activities with a good cause.  These events take a lot of time, dedication and self-commitment to perform during these charity events. Nonetheless, it always feels good to know that you can use your talent and skills to bring joy to those in need.  The end result is very rewarding and it brings a lot of inner satisfaction.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Samaria Bezzina)

7.      Question – We also saw you have performed with Eurovision Favorite Ludwig Galea at L-istrina with the song “Crazy Little Thing Called love”. Have you performed with any other Eurovision stars and would you ever record a single with Ludwig? 

Ludwig is an established singer in Malta.  He is also a very good friend of the family.  I would definitely consider recording a single with him. I am also very good friends with Glen Vella and although I have never performed with him, I was very pleased to see him enjoying my singing during my performance at ‘Voices’.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovisionfest)

8.      Question – Now we cannot meet with you and not talk about your wonderful band “Funk Initiative” whom we love here at Eurovision Ireland. Can you tell us about how the band came together and who are the band’s musical influences? 

Funk Initiative has its roots back in the sixth form days when we had played for the first time in St. Aloysius College ‘Battle of the bands’. Since then, we have been participating in a number of local concerts and organising our own gigs, as well as recording some of our original material. We like to describe our music as fun, slightly funky, but with a touch of jazz and indie. Our song-writing is mostly influenced by the much-esteemed bands ‘Elbow’ and ‘Franz Ferdinand’.

9.      Question – One of Funk Initiatives songs is called “The Liberators” – can you tell us what the song is about?

‘The Liberators’ talks about how a political party in opposition always promises to liberate the country from the tyrant; referring to the party in power; and then the new government becomes the tyrant himself.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Funkinitiative)

10.  Question – For the video of the song “Architects” it looks like it was shot in the world’s largest water fight! Can you tell us about that video as it looked like great fun?

The ‘Architects’ video was filmed during annual friendly water fight at the University of Malta whereby the law students and the students of architecture hold a friendly water fight to welcome and impress fresher’s students.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of FunkInitiative)

11.  Question – For Eurovision we believe you will have a band with you on stage like you had in the Maltese National Selection. Can you tell us who will be performing with you? 

I am happy with the performance we gave in the National Final and with the whole team.  The song in itself is a sing along melody and very pleasing the ear.  Hence the presentation is going to be kept nice and simple.  We are also going to keep the same team:

Kenny D’Ugo – Ukelele and backing vocalist

Gabriel Cassar – Bass and backing vocalist

Chris Tate – Drums

Louise Ann Bugeja Tate – Backing vocalist

Samaria Bezzina – Backing vocalist

12.  Question – The song “Tomorrow” is a wonderful story in itself. Can you tell us what you liked about the song and how you became involved with the song? 

‘Tomorrow’ is a very fresh song which tells a story that people can relate to.  The song in itself is a sing along melody and very pleasing the ear.  It brings me joy.  There’s a bit of Gianluca in the good old Jeremy.  Originally ‘Tomorrow’ included another verse that concluded the story of Jeremy and his free-spirited love interest. Hopefully we will get the chance to release the extended version of ‘Tomorrow’ one day.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Pbs Malta)

13.  Question – Malta has a huge love affair with the Eurovision Song Contest and every year they host one of the biggest and most professional national selections across Europe. Do you feel there are high expectations on you or any act that represents the country at Eurovision to do well? 

It is true that the national final show is said to be one of the largest national selections in Europe.  It is also the largest music platform in Malta. The Eurovision Song contest has always been at the heart of the Maltese population. It may create some expectations, but I believe it generates more support to the artist that any expectations are outweighed.

14.  Question – What would it mean for you to qualify for the Grand Final of the Eurovision this year Gianluca? 

Should ‘Tomorrow’ make it to the grand final, it will bring a lot of joy and satisfaction across the whole population of Malta and Gozo.  I will work very hard to take Malta to the final and will work even harder to obtain the best results to make our little nation proud.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovisionfest)

15.  Question – We know you have been very busy since winning the Maltese Final but have you managed to listen to any of the other countries in this year’s contest and have you heard the Irish entry by Ryan Dolan “Only Love Survives”? 

I am really enjoying Ryan’s song. I’m sure it will become a club hit pretty soon! And I’m also very sure that Ireland will be doing very well in Malmo too.

16.  Question – Finally Gianluca – What are your hopes for Eurovision 2013?

Certainly I am working towards obtaining a good result.  ‘Tomorrow’ is fresh song and it can compete well with the rest of the qualifiers. The song in itself is a sing along melody and very pleasing the ear.  At the end we are all in competition, but most of all to bring our European cultures together.

17.  Question – We have to say that it was an absolute pleasure talking to you today Gianluca. We have high hopes for you at Eurovision this year with your song “Tomorrow” in the Second Semi Final in Malmo. What would you like to say to your supporters and readers at Eurovision Ireland? 

Thank you for approaching me for this interview.  I am aware that your page has a wide readership. I’d also like to thank my fans across Europe.  I have received a lot of encouragement especially through my Facebook and twitter pages. Of course if you haven’t yet liked my fan page, don’t leave it till TOMORROW!

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Pbs Malta)

We would like to thank Gianluca for the time that he spent with us today and we are sure that “Tomorrow” is going to be a very bright day for Malta at Eurovision and we are sure we will be seeing Gianluca in the Grand Final in Malmo!

For more information on Gianluca and Malta at Eurovision you can use the below links.

(Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief – Garrett Mulhall)

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Gianluca’s Facebook page:

Gianluca’s Twitter page:

Malta’s National TV Website:

(Main Photograph Courtesy of Pbs Malta)


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  1. What a lovely interview and what a lovely man.(swoon) I do so wish Gianluca and the whole Maltese team all the best in Malmo.
    Btw. Happy Easter folks, am off to open my Fabergé eggs 🙂 and to over-indulge in chocolate.

    • Fabergé eggs – Get you Martin lol. I will be content with my Button Egg – old traditions are the best 🙂
      Yes Gianluca is so nice and we love his song too. A highly underrated song at the moment. A dark horse for sure

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