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FYR Macedonia : Esma& Lozano present “Imperija” – Watch the video

Macedonia 2013

(Photograph Courtesy of

Esma & Lozano perform their song “Imperija” tonight for the first time. They will represent FYR Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Sweden. The composers of the song are Simeon Atanasov and Dejan Momirosk(Mucia) and Borche Nechovski (Lyrics).

Esma is a world renowned singer and Queen of Gypsy folk music and Lozano is the handsome young pop star. A unique combination which has generated a considerable amount of speculation around their song for Eurovision 2013. Well the wait is over. Here is “Imperija” and what a gem it is. A contemporary ethnic/pop song.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of eurovisionspaceful)

The video is amongst one of the best put forward this year to date.

Have FYR Macedonia got a Eurovision Winner on their hands?

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Video isn’t working but heard it elsewhere, sounded dated and mismatched to me unless dramatically performed it could sink badly.

  2. Video here isn’t working so listened to it elsewhere. It will struggle, sounds dated and a bad mix.

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