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#BIRTHDAY: Sahlene is 45 today

#BIRTHDAY: Sahlene is 45 today That thing when your country wins, meaning you have to host next year. If you’re that winning broadcaster, it must be a year-long headache. Venue, date, theme, hosts – they all must be a nightmare. On top of all that, you still need […]

#BIRTHDAY: Sahlene is 44 today

#BIRTHDAY: Sahlene is 44 today Yesterday we had a home entrant. Today we have another one. And in a curious twist, even though she was a home entrant, she was also a false-flagger, from the country we concentrated on yesterday. Confused? You should be. OK, OK, today’s birthday […]

#BIRTHDAY: Rosa from Spain is 38 today

BIRTHDAY: Rosa from Spain is 38 today It’s always interesting how countries select their songs for our favourite TV show. Public selections take different forms, some better than others. Take Spain for example. They’ve tried various ways, from selecting internally, to single shows, to talent shows over many, […]