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#EUROVISION: Review of Fire Saga

#EUROVISION: Review of Fire Saga As you’ll know, the film The Story of Fire Saga has now hit the screens, and has received every possible review out there. We at Eurovision Ireland have taken a different approach, and selected two of the stand out songs to talk about […]

#EDITORIAL: Shine a light

#EDITORIAL: Shine a light As usual, the devoted Eurovision fan community will be picking apart what happened on the evening of Eurovision Day. Except, it was no normal Eurovision Day (is there ever?). In place of the usual riotous cavalcade of quality song, we had a pared down […]

#UK: The act is revealed

UK: The act is revealed The BBC has revealed that James Newman will be singing for the United Kingdom at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. James will be performing My last breath, a song he has co-written with Ed Drewett, Adam Argyle and Iain James. Back in 2014, […]