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🇸🇪 #SWEDEN: #LiveBlog Of Melodifestivalen 2023 Heat 4 – #JoinUs From 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET

Melodifestivalen 2023 continues tonight and we are back with our weekly #LiveBlog – continuing with Heat 3 this evening. The fourth and final set of seven acts take to the stage in Malmo, with two progressing to the Semi Final and two to the Grand Final after tonight.

So join me, Richard, from 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET, as we discover who will progress in Sweden. You know what to do by now, refresh regularly to see what we have to say in our #LiveBlog.

Refresh here from 19:00 GMT/20:00 CET

Nu kör vi!!! Here are tonight’s line-up of Acts! Jesper and Farah are been brought to the stage in quite a formal style parade, following a look around Malmo. The voting details are now been explained.

Kiana – “Where Did You Go”

Kiana walks to the front of the stage very confidently, in a white dress. This is quite an upbeat number, where she is joined on stage by six dancers – all holding lit up batons. While suspect at first, Kiana’s vocals improved as the song has progressed. She does deserve another chance further in the Contest this year. I can see the under 30’s voting for this over anyone else.

Signe and Hjördis – “Edelweiss”

While one is dressed in a white dress, playing the violin and the other is the lead singer in a blue dress, vocally they are strong. They are surrounded by lit-up lightbulbs on poles. This “Edelweiss” is certainly not ‘The Sound of Music’ and is certainly an upbeat number, with a twang of country about it. A popular performance with the crowd and for me too.

Smash Into Pieces – “Six Feet Under”

Smash Into Pieces are a band I’d liken to Hatari of Iceland, 2019 – noise. Not my idea of a tune, but they do have a bit more of a tune compared to Hatari. I’m sure they will have their fans, but will it be enough for them to progress, even to the Semi Final?

Mariette – “One Day”

Mariette is back at Melodifestivalen for the first time since 2020. Dressed in a white one-piece, with a cape, Mariette is performing a mid-tempo to uptempo number with amazing vocals. The five backing dancers add to the theatricals of the whole performance. Certainly a serious contender in my eyes.

Emil Henrohn – “Mera mera mera” (More more more)

Emil starts in front of a big pink & blue neon star. He is joined on stage by four backing dancers – all five are synchronised when they need to be – sadly this is better than the vocals in most places. It is still to be applauded that we’ve seen so many Swedish language songs in the Contest this year.

Axel Schylström – “Gorgeous”

Axel has a Danny Saucedo look about himself. He is wearing a turquoise suit with several see through elements to it. Axel certainly owns the stage, even with the four backing singers in the far background. Amazing voice and great emotions expressed throughout, Axel really does deserve to progress.

Loreen – “Tattoo”

Loreen, winner of the 2012 Melodifestivalen and Eurovision Song Contest, is back for another try. Fiery oranges light up the stage, with Loreen lying between two platforms – think a sandwich press. Her facial expressions portray pain, which isn’t a positive thing. At this stage in proceedings, I’d place Mariette over Loreen.

Due to a technical issue (a stage invader), Loreen is back for another try – after Jesper and Farah had to ab lib for several minutes. Still sounds like and look like she is in pain. The staging would be seen as a Health and Safety nightmare for the BBC. Could I clearly understand everything she sang – sorry no.

The first round of voting has started with the performance recap. Jesper is dressed as Carola. The first round of voting has now closed. Farah is dressed as an ABBA avatar.

The first song direct to the final is: Loreen – “Tattoo”

The second round of voting is open with another recap of the songs. The dancing ‘app’ hearts are absent, but Oscar Zia is on-stage! The second round of voting has closed.

Carola is tonight’s main interval act, celebrating the 40th anniversary of her first Melodifestivalen victory back in 1983.

The two songs in the semi finals are: Kiana – “Where Did You Go” & Mariette – “One Day”

The second song direct to the final is: Smash Into Pieces – “Six Feet Under”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: SVT

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