Eurovision 2020

#POLL – Which 2020 National Final Result would YOU change if you could?

With Russia revealing Little Big’s song for Rotterdam, we now have all 41 songs competing at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest – which means National Selection season is officially over!

While we’re now all looking ahead and excited for May and the start of rehearsals, National Final season is often bitter-sweet. For all the new Eurovision songs you love, there are always the ones that got away… that one you know would do so much better than the winning entry will… and of course, the one that should have won the whole contest but never got the chance…

So we want to know… if you could change the result of a Eurovision 2020 National Selection result, which country would it be? Do you think Sanremo got it wrong? Did the Czech Republic miss a trick? Or has Melodifestivalen messed up?

NOTE: This poll is not intended to disrespect to any of the artists or songs chosen to represent their countries. We’re just curious what runners-up you most enjoyed!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland
Image Source: Eurovision Ireland,

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  1. I voted Finland. It was a sure qualifier, fun, different. I obviously looked for the translation and Lyrics are amazing! International Jury robbed Erika’s “Cicciolina”, Dear Lord! International Jury voted “Bananas” Higher!

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