Eurovision 2018

#SAN MARINO – Musical based on the life of Valentina Monetta to open in London in 2019!


It’s the story Eurovision fans have been waiting for – today it was officially announced that work is under way for a musical based on the life of everyone’s favourite Sammarinese Eurovision star! The stage spectacular is expected to open in London’s West End early next year.

Tentatively titled “Don’t Cry For Me San Marino”, the musical will tell the story of Valentina’s rise to Eurovision stardom and how she won the hearts of Europe through her contest entries and new songs written specially for the show.

Although final casting has yet to be confirmed, some big names have been approached for the show’s major roles. While Nicole Kidman and Catherine Zeta Jones have already been named as potential Valentinas, Hugh Jackman has expressed interest in playing Jan Ola Sand while Samuel L. Jackson is in talks to play Jimmie Wilson.

Tickets are expected to go on sale never because…


Sorry, I just couldn’t resist! 😀 Bet I really had you going there for a second!!

This is a just a JOKE and as far as we know, no such musical is in production… which is a real shame, as we’d love to go to see it!

Keep coming back to Eurovision Ireland for all the real stories from this year’s contest, taking place for the first time ever in Lisbon! We can’t wait!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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    • Well done Edith, you saw through our joke – next time I’ll be sure to not write April Fools in huge letters to try and trick you 😉

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