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#RUSSIA – Ban Papers drafted for Yuliya Samoilova #LATEST


According to reports in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Security Service SBU have already drafted papers that would prohibit Yuliya Samoilova from entering the country this May for Eurovision.

Speaking to reporters for 112 Ukraine TV channel, the Head of SBU Vasyl Hrytsak stated:

“As of now, the decision regarding her entry ban has not yet been made, but I will reveal the secret — the relevant document has already been drafted,”

Although this is a somewhat contradictory statement, it seems Ukraine is taking Yuliya’s 2015 trip to Crimea very seriously. Mr Hrytsak also made his own opinion  crystal clear:

”She did not just visit Crimea, she also left traces in social networks where she addressed the issue of Ukraine, its government, and its path toward Euro-Atlantic integration. My position is clear. I believe she should not come to Ukraine.”

Interestingly, this revelation comes not long after media reports in Russia stated Yuliya has been cleared by the SBU and will be allowed to enter Ukraine.

We at Eurovision Ireland will be following this story closely and update you as it happens.

Author: James Scanlan


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  1. This is unfortunate in the extreme. Eurovision should be for everyone, regardless of politics.


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