#BULGARIA – Kristian Kostov to sing “Beautiful Mess” at Eurovision 2017!


Bulgaria has been teasing us Eurovision fans a lot these past few months, but at long last (let’s face it, it’s the last country to announce its artist!) we know who is heading to Kyiv to fly the Bulgarian flag – and it’s Kristian Kostov!

As a child Kristian, who was born in Moscow to Bulgarian and Kazakh parents, was a finalist on Golos (The Voice of Russia) where he was mentored by Eurovision winner Dima Bilan. He also took part in the 4th season of X Factor Bulgaria. His song, “Beautiful Mess” is quite a slow and soulful number with a bit of ethnic flavour under the chorus – check it out for yourself below!

What do you think of “Beautiful Mess”? Do you like it? Do you think Kristian can get Bulgaria into the final 2 years running?

Let us know what you think!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: wiwiblogs

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