Eurovision Finals 2013

“I’m done with Eurovision” – says former winner

Linda martin performing at EuroCafe at Eurovision 2013 in Malmo - Photograph Eurovision Ireland

Linda martin performing at EuroCafe at Eurovision 2013 in Malmo – Photograph Eurovision Ireland

Irish Eurovision Winner Linda Martin spoke to The Irish Daily Star and said that she would not be returning to the contest next year in Denmark. Why might that be? Many thought that it was the joke that Eurovision presenter Petra Mede about Linda being “a Drag Queen” on the live show – eh no!! We know Linda and we are sure that she was laughing at that joke and took it for what it was – Swedish Humour.

Probably more bewildering was that support for Linda Martin following the Eurovision joke came from the most unlikely of places – Twink! For all our International viewers Twink is a former comedienne, actress and singer (who entered the Irish National Finals) on previous occasions. Linda and Twink publicly fell out while both performing in “Menopause The Musical”.

Twink commented “There is no love lost between Linda and I but I wouldn’t wish something like that on anyone. Quite honestly I almost fell off the kitchen stool when I heard what happened. I thought it was very, very nasty”, she told The Star.

“Linda has represented herself and her country superbly over the years and is a big supporter of the contest.” Is this the start of a rekindling of a friendship? We will have to wait and see.

Linda’s comments on not returning to Eurovision – “It’s really because I can’t watch another hard-working team, with a brilliant song and singer, not getting the recognition they deserve in the voting stage. I mean, it was absolutely ridiculous that we came last. What can we do when we are subject to such an unfair voting system?”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

When questioned further on the voting process Linda added “I think the countries that make it into the final should only be allowed to vote. That’s only fair because the countries that don’t make it into the final will just vote for their neighbours. I just couldn’t watch that happening to such an amazing team again.”

The voting system on so many levels has been the most discussed on many years at the contest. What do you think? Is it fair? 

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – The Irish Daily Star and

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  1. Eurovision once upon a time was a joy to watch abd knowing everyone will vote for the best song instead it’s the most popular countries that do well, their neighbours give the points! Ireland deserved to be in the top 5

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