Eurovision Finals 2013

“Angela Merkel cost Germany a Top 5 place at Eurovision 2013”

Did Angela Merkel cost Cascada/Germany a Top 5 place at Eurovision 2013? Photograph courtesy of

Did Angela Merkel cost Cascada/Germany a Top 5 place at Eurovision 2013? Photograph courtesy of

Germany, Cascada and let’s face it 11 thousand fans in the arena last Saturday night in Malmo, were left wondering how Germany came 21st with 18 points in the Eurovision Grand Final of 2013. Puzzled and perplexed many German commentators have looked at the broader political scope of Europe and Eurovision for an explanation and come to the conclusion – Angela Merkel was the lose wheel. 

Cascada received one of the biggest responses in the hall in Malmo last Saturday that one thought that the pre-contest favorite – Denmark – was going to be forgotten in the voting. However as the votes were called in it was clear to see that something was not going write for Germany.

According to the Irish Independent – Merkel maybe popular in Germany due to her handling of the Euro Zone crisis but that sentiment is not shared across Europe and it’s residents. 

(YouTube Courtesy of Eurovision)

“There’s obviously a political situation to keep in mind – I don’t want to say ‘this was 18 points for Angela Merkel, but we all have to be aware that it wasn’t just Cascada up there on stage (being judged) but all of Germany ’” said Thomas Schreiber, the coordinator of Germany’s ARD TV network.

Germany’s Eurovision commentator with ARD – the great Peter Urban – was asked why Germany finished so low down and was it an Anti-Merkel sentiment, he commented “It’s unexplainable, There’s some truth to that. There will also be two German soccer teams in the Champions League final next week and maybe people didn’t want Germany to win Eurovision too.”

In a Eurovision, whose new voting system that has caused so much political rumblings from Lithuania, through Russia and on to Azerbaijan – Germany could make a case for inclusion into this Allegiance. 

What do you think?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. It was by far the worst performance on the night and a total rip off of Euphoria – people are not dumb – yes Germany may be unpopular economically, but lousy performance, dreadful staging, awful outfit….I could go on!

  2. Am sorry but Cascada was awful on the night. She was well out of tune and didn’t lift the song until the end. Her singing on the steps looked naff. It just wasn’t as good as expected and didn’t deserve much more to be honest imo. Though Belarus and Armenia finishing higher is a joke.

  3. Utter nonsense! Cascada were awful live. Natalie shouted her way through it. Did people hate Merkel last 3 years when Germany did well?

  4. As I leave in Canada, I’m not up to date with European politics and so on. But I was never a fan of Germany’s this year entry…It’s just that it’s something that I’ve heard many times before, great in a club, but Eurovision is also about a bit of innovation…They had great results in 2010-2012 (well above what I think they deserved), so they should be pleased overall…

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