Eurovision National Finals 2013

Ireland 2013 : Zoe Alexis – Preview Video for Eurosong?

Zoe - Ireland

(Photograph Courtesy of Zoe Alexis FaceBook)

Eurosong 2013 begins with what we believe to be Zoe Alexis’ preview video for her entry into the Irish National Eurovision Selection.

As we had written before – we are awaiting official conformation from RTE of Zoe’s participation in Eurosong. However this video claims “Coming Soon” on February 7th – ties in with RTE’s plans to officially announce 5 finalists in Eurosong 2013.

All we can say is “WOW“. We are so excited to the prospect of Zoe as an artist and her song at Eurosong. See for yourself below

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ZoeAlexisOfficial)

We would say this looks “ZoeMazing” – We may just have to copywrite that saying as I think it will be taking off – SOON!

RTE are set to formally announce the 5 finalists on February 7th. Stay tuned for more information on Eurosong and “Zoe”

Author/Website Founder and Editor In Chief – Garrett Mulhall

Source – Zoe Alexis Official YouTube Channel

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  1. That’s definitely taken from Zoe’s Eurosong preview video. She has been posting stills from the video on her Twitter this week and says she has now heard the final remix of the song (even though she’s not allowed to mention Eurosong by name by RTE or directly say she is a finalist).

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