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#BIRTHDAY: Sahlene is 45 today

#BIRTHDAY: Sahlene is 45 today That thing when your country wins, meaning you have to host next year. If you’re that winning broadcaster, it must be a year-long headache. Venue, date, theme, hosts – they all must be a nightmare. On top of all that, you still need […]


Want a review that doesn’t take up all of your precious time? Your favourite lightening-fast review show is back for 2021 – it’s Review in Two, better known as #ReVu2! The 39 countries taking part in Rotterdam all have their #ReVu2 moment, so take a look and see […]

#ESTONIA: And The Winner Is…

The 2021 Grand Final of Eesti Laul has taken place tonight. Twenty Four acts took part over two Semi Finals, with Twelve qualifying for tonight. We have a winner and he was robbed of a place after the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled – Uku Suviste is […]