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The Ultimate Eurovision 2021 Quiz All Fans Should Take!

Yes, Eurovision 2021 has ended, but do not panic! Whether your favourite won or lost, we are here to cheer you up! Are you a true Eurovision fan? Do you know the choreography to ‘Discoteque’ or move your arms in sync whenever you hear the trumpet sounds from […]

#NEWWAVE: Finalists For 2021 Announced

The fourteen finalists of this year’s New Wave Festival have been revealed. They include Samra Rahimli, the Azerbaijani representative at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The finalists are: Armenia – Saro Gevorgyan Australia – Alfie Arcuri Azerbaijan – Samra Rahimli Belarus – CHEICHAI Bulgaria – Denitsa Karaslavova Georgia […]

#BIRTHDAY: André from Armenia is 39 today

#BIRTHDAY: André from Armenia is 39 today It’s début time again, and one that saw an expansion into the Caucasus – that area some claim is Europe and some claim is Asia. We’re not going to discuss that geographical question here. Today’s birthday boy Անդրեյ Սերգեյի Հովնանյան/André Sergey […]