🇳🇱 #NETHERLANDS: Drenthe Selects Lisa Harms For Regio Songfestival 2023

RTV Drenthe, the Dutch regional broadcaster, held the 11th edition of the Drèents Liedtiesfestival on Saturday night – their selection for Regio Songfestival 2023.

Following the performances of ten entries, Lisa Harms was chosen to represent Drenthe with “Tot de zun uut pour”. You can watch Lisa Harms’ performance below:

Video: YouTube/ZO!34

The final standings of the 11th edition of the Drèents Liedtiesfestival were:

  1. Lisa Harms – Tot de zun uut giet – 44 points
  2. Werilt – Als de wolv’n kommen – 33 points
  3. Marianne Veenstra – Geef het even wat tied – 28 points
  4. Dréents Grøs – De ballade van Teunis Wiet – 28 points
  5. Marjolein Schepers – Loeiende sirenes – 21 points
  6. Sister Sister – Zo’n kerel as hij – 20 points
  7. Emile – Argens underweg – 18 points
  8. Noordwaarts – Plaggehut – 16 points
  9. Madelon Heijnen – Kom dans met mij – 16 points
  10. Bertine Snuppe – Selah – 14 points

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix World

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